Physical Training

Physical Training (PT) is conducted three times a week on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at various locations depending on which school is being attended.

The Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program encompasses all aspects of physical and mental wellness.  Cadets learn and practice everyday measures to improve their total well-being.  Other physical training requirements include:


  1. The Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of  2 minutes of both Pushups & , 2 minutes of Sit-ups and a 2 mile run for time.
  2. There will be Leadership Development exercises each semester that are geared towards critical thinking under adverse situations, team building exercises, and other military orientated movements.  
  3. CLS training – Combat Life Saver (learn how to save a life in combat) as well as water training to reinforce one’s abilities to survive if ever in a water situation.
  4. Rifle Marksmanship with either a M-16A2 or M-4