Leadership Development


As an upcoming Cadet there will be many opportunities to be responsible for the mentoring and leadership of fellow Cadets as one rises within the ranks.  Every cadet is given the opportunity to lead and develop others while in the process of developing their own skills and communication abilities.  This is critical for being a future leader of soldiers or civilians in today’s society.  These skills will enable cadets to be successful  after graduation. Simply stated, the ROTC experience is a 24 hour leadership laboratory that develops leaders who can thrive in chaos.

Study Hall

There is a required GPA to stay in the program.  In order to maintain this status the Army ROTC program here at GA Tech offers study hall programs for those that find themselves needing it.  We attach senior cadets with similar scholarly classes to incoming cadets or even presently attending cadets in order to help facilitate the needs of those wanting support. We understand the difficulties of college and intend to help those willing to help themselves in order to achieve common goals, such as to lead the future troops of this great nation.


LDX (Leadership Development Exercise) takes place on a weekend in the fall semester. During the LDX, cadets will apply skills learned in leadership labs and classroom sessions. Cadets are exposed to autonomous squad level operations where cadre assess the Cadets’ leadership abilities in a physically and emotionally stressful field environment.  Cadets will experience event-oriented leadership training opportunities such as squad tactics, survival training, and combat simulated operations.  There are also many unexpected leadership situational training exercises that the cadets encounter during this weekend.